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We would like to thank Power Volvo of Irvine for their generous support of REACT Foundation and it's support of children with autism in Orange County.  Click here to view the Power Volvo Irvine website.

Click here to see a list of schools and educators of children with autism throughout Orange County that have received approved Mini Grants from REACT Foundation.  We believe it's important for donors to understand where funds are going.  This list continues to grow with your generous support of REACT Foundation.

REACT Foundation stands for Resources for Autistic Children’s Therapy. While there are other excellent organizations that are focused on research to prevent and cure autism, REACT Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and financial support to the families and therapy teams already involved with children diagnosed with autism. The initial chapter is Orange County, California, but the Foundation hopes to expand over time. 

While there is no known “cause” for autism, one thing that all parents and professionals agree upon is that early intervention is the key.  With services comes great expense.  We at REACT Foundation feel that our focus is helping already diagnosed children NOW by providing funds to help manage a huge educational challenge, both in school districts and privately.

Financial support will be raised and distributed in an effort to support children and their teams in many ways, including:

·      Providing funding for necessary teaching materials and equipment to public and private educators and other programs in need that are directly supporting children with autism. Funds may also be obtained for training purposes for parents, teachers and teaching assistants. We feel this training is important as it is the teachers, teaching assistants and families that spend the majority of time with children.   
·     Provide scholarships to families in need of services for their children that they cannot afford. 

Autism is a spectrum disorder and it affects each individual differently and at varying degrees.  By learning the signs and diagnosing early, most children can benefit from early intervention treatment.  We at REACT hope to make this a little easier. 

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If you have any questions about REACT Foundation, feel free to contact us.

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