About Us

REACT Foundation was started and inspired by my son Noah Harb.  I, Jon Harb, founder of REACT Foundation, located in Mission Viejo, California (Orange County) decided to make a major life change after 15 years in the high tech industry (fiber optics).  Several things inspired this change.  First and foremost is helping young children with autistism realize their maximum potential and live the most fulfilling and prosperous life possible.  Second, is to fulfill my own entrepreneurial drive that has driven me to start and successfully run several small businesses over the years, but towards a more fulfilling purpose.  Third, is to operate this non-profit foundation in a way that people can connect with and relate to, understand the basic operation and overhead, so they know how much money of every dollar donated actually goes to the kids' programs, and be able to easily see where the money donated is being spent.  I believe it's possible to run the organization with reasonable expenses using the latest technological means and channel the majority of funds into programs that have the desired outcome.  REACT stands for Resources for Autistic Children's Therapy.  While there are other excellent organizations focused on research for the underlying causes of autism, our focus is helping already diagnosed children NOW by providing funds to help manage a huge educational challenge, both in the school districts and privately.

As the founder, I believe it is best to surround myself with an excellent and experienced board of directors.  Combined, our board has over 100 years of autism experience, in the areas of neurology, speech and language, autism training, social and behavioral therapy and parental experience with autism.  My own entrepreneurial, corporate, and first-hand experience as the father of a child with autism will help not only raise the needed funds, but also help distribute the funds appropriately, together with our experienced Board.

Thank you for doing what you can to support our organization.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

Jon Harb, Founder, REACT Foundation

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