Causes of Autism

One of the first questions most parents ask when their child is diagnosed with autism is "why??."  The answer to this question is not a simple one, though there are many groups that claim they know the cause "100%."  Most professionals agree the cause is not really known at this time. 

At REACT Foundation, our belief is that autism is a neurological disorder that may be caused by a combination of factors, where only the combination triggers the autism.  Only time and research will clarify the exact cause.  Here are the theories from various sources, and links to those websites, about the causes of autism.  Again, our belief and best guess at this point is that it's caused by a combination of neurological and genetic factors triggered by some environmental factor(s) which are yet to be determined.  Proposed causes of autism, such as vaccinations, metals in the system, deficiencies in the body's own immune system (body's ability to breakdown and process proteins, etc.) are widely discussed and debated.  We do not claim to know the true cause of autism.  However, we do believe, until the exact cause is known, it makes sense to take whatever precautions possible that have no risk of harming the child.  Here are some links for parents to read more about various claimed causes of autism.  We do not speak to the credibility of the information these websites claim, but it's convenient to have the information in one place:

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