Resources for Kids

As important as resources for the parents are in order to help their autistic loved ones, we felt it important to include resources and links that are helpful and enjoyable for the kids.  These include links to fun and educational online computer games, social stories, books and other resources for the child.  As important as all the therapies and education are for autistic children, just as important is the "down time."  After 20-40 hours of therapy of one type or another (school, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.), these kids need to just be kids too!  Sometimes you'll find educational games they love to play, that at the same time teach something, but other times it's good to let the child have that alone time for them to do what they enjoy (reading, letters/numbers, computer games, etc., alone or with a peer/parent).  We hope you'll find these resources helpful and fun!

Jokes and Fun for Kids:

Idioms and Language Books:

Pen Pal Connections for Kids with Disabilities ,


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