React Programs

At REACT Foundation, we feel it's very important for all donors to understand the main programs for autism that are being funded.  We believe that, by understanding how the funds are being used, donors will have a greater appreciation of the benefit of their generous contributions. 

The initial programs are listed below, and are currently active during the 2005 school year.  These programs will be updated on a regular basis.

1) REACT Foundation offers a unique Mini Grant Program to provided much needed support funds for teaching materials and equipment, as well as training and special project funding for autism, to public and private educators throughout Orange County. There are 150+ structured autism classrooms for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids throughout Orange County, California, not including the private educational programs.  Anyone applying will have the opportunity to obtain funds quickly and easily through a simple application process.

 Click Here for the Mini Grant Application in PDF Format (Note: Must be printed, filled out, and faxed back to REACT Foundation at 949-837-1139)

Click Here for the Mini Grant Application in Microsoft Word Format (Note: Can be filled out and emailed back to REACT Foundation at Save the file to your computer and open in Microsoft Word).

2) Provide funding to public schools, non-profit educational programs and parents to attend trainings and conferences. It is important to support learning programs for teachers and teaching assistants who spend several hours per day with the children. Funds will be distributed through a simple application and review process.  Click on the Mini Grant Application above for more information.

3)  Provide scholarships to families in need of services for their children that they cannot afford.  REACT will soon have a separate application for this purpose.


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